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Paintball Games
97 Main Street (508) 987-8601 - Store (508) 987-8796 - Fax
Oxford, MA 01540 (508) 769-9954 - Field


Check out the various tournaments below. We have made every attempt to promote events that allow teams to have fun while competing. At present, we cater to the novice teams, focusing on the enjoyment of the sport. Check out the Schedule for our next event.

Chip Murphy - Team Captain Biohazard

Mike Cross - Biohazard "Hammer Man"


Each tournament will offer Trophies for 1st , Plaques for 2nd and Medallions for 3rd. These awards are custom made by the craftsman at Morgan Awards. In addition, we have been able to give $850 worth of sponsored prizes from our 3 top vendors. Also included are over $1,000 worth of gift certificates to the field and store. A special thanks to Taso - East, Paintball Games Supply, and National Paintball Supply - New Jersey. Your constant support and quality products have made our players better.


Each Event Costs $250 per team which includes entry, field fee, first air fill, and lunch. The events are field paint only.


The following quote is form a player on the last place team. His comments prove that even if teams do not win at our events, they still have fun…

"Hey Bob I just thought you deserved congrats on a tournament well done. Although our team did not place too well (Okay... Maybe we goofed off a little...) I still enjoyed the tournament."


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