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Player Safety Rules

All players and spectators must read and follow all safety game rules without exception.  Any violation of these rules will result in that player or spectator being ejected from field of play and/or premises.


A.  Approved Full Face Mask/Goggle Systems must be worn at all times past he neutral area or when testing your marker at the target range.

B.  No shooting into or out of the registration area, neutral zones, or parking areas.  All guns must have barrel blocking devices in while in these areas.  Barrel blocking devices are not squeegees or rags or towels.  Guns may only be discharged on playing field or at the target range.

C.  Do not shoot the wildlife.

D.  Do not shoot at airplanes, parachutists, automobiles, etc.

E.  No climbing of trees or on top of structures.

F.  No physical contact.

G.  No potentially dangerous gear.  Players many not bring any form of tools onto the playing field.  No types of firearms, pyrotechnics or explosives are allowed.  The game site operator must approve all personal equipment.

H.  Avoid field hazards.

I.  Construct no booby traps.

J.  No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on the premises during play.

K.  Smoking in designated areas only.

L.  No verbal abuse.

M.  Do not attempt to remove the power sources or any parts from the rental guns.

N.  Do not leave the guns in the direct sunlight.

O.  No blind shooting.  Players may only shoot at what they can see.

P.  Referees decisions are final.  No players will be allowed to argue with a referee.

Q.  Spectators must wear goggles/face mask with ear protection also unless behind a safety netting that has passed the safety test.  The spectators must be 2 feet back from the netting and not be leaning against it. 

R.  Trigger guards are mandatory.  It must encompass the whole trigger.  Regulators are not trigger guards. 

S.  Semi auto mode only on the field of play.  No turbo, burst, reactive trigger, full auto or zip modes.