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Paintball Games

97 Main Street

(508) 769-9954 - Field

Oxford, MA 01540

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Come Have a Great Time! - Paintball is a great way to enjoy your summer and have fun. Companies can sponsor teams by simply organizing a sign-up. Some businesses may also wish to defray a portion of the cost of the event, and in return ask the players to wear company attire. This would be an excellent way to promote teamwork and camaraderie among employees. You don't need paintball experience to play in the league, just come out for a great time! Full equipment rentals are available.

Discounts - All members of the league will be entitled to $5 off Field Fees and $5 off the Rental of equipment. Also, league members who are interested in purchasing their own equipment or upgrading their present equipment will receive a %10 discount on gun packages in the store! League members will also be eligible for bulk discounts on paintballs.

Trophies - At the conclusion of the season, the points will be totaled and the winning teams will receive paintball trophies designed by Morgan Awards. There are not ordinary trophies. They depict an actual paintball player!

Fun - The idea of a league is to organize the sport of paintball to the point where individuals will strive to become better year after year. At present, most players either play recreationally or in tournaments. While recreational play can be fun, it does tire after a while. Tournament, on the other hand, can be very exciting but extremely costly. As with all other major sports, (baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, football) paintball is best played with a team that can come together and compete with others. Now, instead of just getting together with some guys and playing, you and your team can come and compete in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Costs - The entry cost for the league is $25. This entitles you to all the above mentioned discounts. There will certainly be the usual cost for air and paint, but the major expenses have been reduced in order to allow players to have a more affordable and enjoyable time. Paintballs will be field paint only, with significant discounts for bulk purchases.

Who Can Enter? - Anyone is eligible for the Summer league, but the focus is going to be placed on the novice players. The College League will consist only of students and Alumni from area colleges. Equipment rentals will be available (26 sets total), so even if there are a few players on your team without equipment or with low-end equipment, you can still enter.

Format - Teams will consist of 5 players (alternates are acceptable and my defray the cost of the events). The league will run for a total of 2 months. The number of actual game days depends on the number teams entering. A total of 4-6 teams will meet each game day and play a round robin style set of games with a total accumulation of points (4-8 games per team). The games will run from 8am - 1pm (leaving the rest of the day open for the family). Those points will carry over and accumulate for the entire league. Each team will likely play every other weekend for the season. This will total 3 game days for each team (12-30 games total). The individual game format will be center flag with a total possible score of 100 (5 per elimination, 25 for first flag pull, and 50 for flag hang). I would like to put together a council of all team captains who can oversee the operation of the league. Each team will get a chance to referee one game day and will receive maximum seed points for the event.

Dates - July5, 12, 19 - Aug. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. Not all the dates may be needed, depending upon the amount of registered teams. Teams will only play in 3 of the above dates and will have the option to referee one other day for maximum points.

More Info - Please e-mail us if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up for the league!


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